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 I was referred to Ryan Sutton by a colleague of mine in 2017. I am forever grateful for having met Ryan, as she is a great individual inside and out. Ryan is extremely knowledgeable about the field of social work. Ryan is professional, consistent, well rounded, and was able to aid me in developing my clinical skills. I enjoyed my supervision hours with Ryan, as she arbitrarily allowed me to take the lead on how I wanted to spend supervision: LCSW prep, case consultations, role-play, practice quizzes, and/or venting sessions to debrief. Once my hours were completed, Ryan provided me with the necessary documentation needed for the LCSW application approval, and she filled out her part voluntarily. With all of Ryan’s help I passed my test, & and am now practicing as an LCSW. Thank you for everything Ryan.


 Jamie Duff

Ms. Sutton is the GO TO person for Clinical Supervision. She is very up to date on current processes and skills along with being affordable and flexible with scheduling. You will not go wrong with her agency.




I would highly recommend Ryan Sutton, LCSW for clinical supervision and or LCSW exam prep. I acquired her services after asking several colleagues for suggestions and hearing so many good things about Ryan. She did not disappoint. Very professional, knowledgeable and resourceful. She guided at a pace comfortable for me and was flexible with the schedule. Most importantly, Ryan’s prices are practical. A great investment.

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I would truly recommend Ryan Sutton for Clinical Supervision. She is professional, patience, affordable and just the epitome of what a Clinical Supervisor should be. Ryan met with me weekly to ensure I had the tools I needed to be successful in the field of Social work and conquering the LCSW exam. I am proud to say that I am a License Clinical Social Worker and I felt totally prepared when taking the exam.


I have been working with Ryan the last 6 months and it has been a pleasure. I enjoy her perspective and knowledge when it comes to Social Work practice. She is flexible  and concerned about the growth of those she supervises which  are important traits  in a clinical supervisor. If you are looking for a clinical supervisor in the Atlanta area, please give her a try. 

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I cannot thank Ryan enough for sharing her knowledge and experience with me through supervision. She was supportive through so many challenging cases and professional situations. I’m so thankful for all I learned from her. I was able to pass my clinical licensing exam on the first try. I definitely recommend Ryan she’s the best!

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Over past year I have really enjoyed receiving LCSW supervision from Ryan. She is an excellent clinical supervisor who is very professional, competent and has a genuine interest in my success.   Her clinical skills and expertise have been valuable to me when addressing the needs of complex cases. Her keen insight into effective social work practices and using sound clinical and ethical judgement has helped me grow as a professional.  As we know the social work field can be challenging at times. Ryan is a strong advocate for personal and professional self-awareness and self-care. Through supervision I continue to expand my clinical skills in becoming a licensed LCSW. I would highly recommend Ryan as a clinical supervisor.




The road to full licensure is not for the faint of heart. It is a daunting and costly task. Finding a supervisor that fits your needs can be difficult as well. I sought supervision and although came across a knowledgeable and willing LCSW in the past, her style didn’t suit my learning style nor current needs. That is when a friend told me about Ms. Ryan Sutton and I owe that friend the world. Ms. Ryan has been amazing. She’s flexible, affordable, knowledgeable and so relatable, all the able’s you can think of. I was able to meet with her at ease and leave it all on the table as it pertained to the challenges I faced with providing mental health services, maintaining self care, prepping for licensure and honestly any other inquiry I had. She has so many resources and is a business woman in various settings so there was no question she did not answer nor did not have the connections/means in being able to find the answer. I hope she considers being a mentor one day because she’s added so much to my life and I can’t thank her enough.

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My supervision experience with Ryan has been phenomenal! She pours so much knowledge into our sessions to prepare for the licensure exam, and to prepare for real life practice. She is a seasoned professional with experience in so many settings including, group therapy settings, private practice and hospital social work. She has truly helped me build confidence in my profession, and I feel prepared for what is to come ahead in my career.

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I have been in Supervision with Ryan weekly for several months and I highly respect and appreciate her expertise. Our Supervision sessions are structured, relevant to current events and focus on reviewing evidence-based practices and how practice and theory relates to the license test. I can expect to have a thought provoking and refreshing Supervision session every week. Whether we are reviewing an article and discussing applicable theory, taking and reviewing practice questions from the license test or discussing client cases and case plans, I am confident Ryan will provide something for me to take away from our weekly Supervision. 




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